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I am a borderline NEET, forever immigrant (I literally do not have an homeland or country I consider my own), certified (I don't want to be Japanese but I am into anime).

I don't know for how long I will be able to keep updating my website. I have started and abandoned literally hundreds of projects related to anime by now. I am saying this hoping in vain that I will have to eat my words later.

I could go into the details about me but who cares so here is the basics. I was born in 1997 in a little picteresque medieval town in Tuscany in the Italian peninsula. My anglophile parents were immigrants from some backwards tea drinking, cricket playing third world democratic socialist island republic proud of its non-existant moral superiority(though there was/is plenty of moral hypocrisy) in lieu of material superiority.

I was exposed to animu at an early age on Italian television but then I lost contact with anime when I moved to my parents'(not mine) country. There I was sent to English curriculum schools and had private tutoring in English and at the age of 16 I moved to the UK as your stereotypical ugly nerd who was bullied once in a blue moon but usually ignored. I had already rekindled my contact with anime prior to coming to the uk through a few tattered copies of Detective Conan and some Dragonball Z DVDs. I reminiscened of those times I used to watch Beyblade and Yu Gi Oh but before I came to the UK I had no internet and almost no friends(still don't have any really) so I used to spend my free time when I was not doing private tuition classes in our garden while mosquitos bit me making up stories with pet rocks about a city civillization through to the age of 16.

I also spent hours of my free time just walking around the house alone imagining the endings and continuations of anime I used to watch when I was 8. In England I was able to get some free wifi off a gregs shop (a pastry chain-store in the uk). In London I lived with my parents and my sister in some run down drafty humid room above a shop situated in a non-white non-British primarily Muslim area. I neglected all of my studies and spent all of my time watching anime and became an occasional truant using the free transport for student to go sightseeing in London and to go to libraries rather than school as I could no longer stand the tedious lessons in subjects I could not care less about nor the occasional bullying. In the end I failed my university entry exams three times and was only able to get into a bad university in London which accepts everyone for the Tony Blair cheap government tuition loan money. I could not stand the leftwing professors at the university and my parents did not approve of the subject I was studying (economics) so instead they gave me one final chance by enrolling in me in some aircraft mechanic expensive private course in which I have no interest in, there was a bunch of drama what with me feeling suicidal and admiting it to them whereby I was enrolled in a journalism course but there too I could not stand the leftwing professors and now I am back to doing the inhumanly boring but career-wise viable aircraft mechanic course.

I know I should be grateful to my parents and hate anime but it is almost though not quite the other way around. It was not only anime that I waste a lot of time on rather than on things which could make me money and status but also on Youtube commentary about politics and back in the day about religion or the lack thereof. Do I have regrets about the way I have lived? Too many to mention though mainly related to my sexlife or the lack there of but still it is not only regrets I have though I may just like my pessimism laced with optimism.

Things which I like and don't like

I knew that this page was going to become an unspeakable mess but try to round things off a bit here is a list of some things I like and don't like in no particular order.

Things I Like

Things I Hate

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Favourite Anime And Manga

The Most Important Thing.

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In Conclusion

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