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This site is a personal wiki for a web novel titled The Light Novel Club which you can read over at

TLNC is about a group of Japanese high schoolers in an after-school club which is supposedly about Japanese Light Novels. However, in actuality, it is just a place for the club members to relax and indulge in their anime otaku hobbies, until someone inevitably interupts this statis.

Also, it goes without saying that there'll be spoilers for TLNC going forward from here.

North High [top]

An ordinary Japanese prefectural highschool in the Kanto region.

The Light Novel club

The Light Novel Club is the former Literary Club, due to a lack of members, club president Izumi Makoto was forced to let some otaku join the room and take it over.

Club Members

Izumi Makoto

The Club President. Bibliophile and anti-post smartphone tech. Mysteriously she seems to be well-versed in foreing languages which allows her to read difficult to read texts.

Ishikawa Isshin: The Protagonist/Narrator.

Click to see Ishikawa's Anime List
Ishikawa's Anime List


A 2D Otaku who's into eroge/galge/nukige/moege.

Yamada's Manga List
  1. Eroge no Taiyou


Tanaka's Anime Reviews

Asahina: Former Computer Club President.

Asahina's Manga List
  1. Orion by Shirow Masamune
  2. Husky and Medley by Kurosada
  3. Outlanders by Johji Manabe
  4. Caravan Kidd by Johji Manabe

Student Council

President Takahashi

Student Council President who tried and failed to shut down the literary club prior to Ishikawa's entrance in order to give the club room to the Engineering Design Club. She also got Asahina ejected from the Computer Club.

Desire Island

Desire Island is a research facility run by the WEEF (World End Economica Foundation)

McDougal Arthur, aka Mac

Journalist who works for The Times of London. Protagonist for this arc. He has been sent by The Times to investigate and write a report on the Desire Research Institute.

Faust Academy

The goal of this arc is to find the holy grail?

An island academy... Overview map: an abandoned tower of babel like tower to the north west, mountains to the north east, the walled academy complex in the centre.

  1. Hisao: Ishikawa's mysterious roommate.
  2. Student Council President: Melana Mathews. Blonde Girl.
  3. Maya: Melana Matthew's Uemotional Maid.
  4. Dr Fulviano: Male nurse at FA.
  5. Megumi - Tanaka's step-sister?

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